We have a range of methods to help you diagnose and solve people issues. On this page we have given an outline of some of the techniques available, so do please give us a call to arrange something for your specific needs.

Executive Coaching

We provide transformational executive coaching from fully qualified & experienced coaching business psychologists.  We specialise in the development of your Leadership Skills and personal Leadership Style

We will:
  • Work with you and your manager/organisation to agree a realistic agenda for change
  • Help you to get clear about your current productive and counter-productive behaviours and thinking
  • Enhance your self-awareness through the use of proven psychometric instruments and 360 degree feedback tools
  • Offer you well researched methods and models so that you can create real changes in your behaviour
  • Develop your awareness and understanding of those you lead and their needs
  • Make use of the latest research findings about effective leadership and leadership styles

Team development

We are expert team facilitators.  We are insightful and constructive about the issues that are preventing your team from performing to its very best.  We can create unique programmes that will meet the needs of your team. We are also specialists in the use of the MBTITM to enhance team effectiveness.

We will help your team to:
  • Develop trust to ensure the delivery of shared goals and objectives
  • Enhance team performance in decision making and problem solving
  • Understand and Appreciate differences within the team
  • Work with conflict and improve team communications

Leadership skills

Using state of the art and the latest thinking and research regarding Leadership, we will create a programme that is right for your organisation.  Our approach will depend on your  leadership needs, and we specialise in getting to know the needs of your organisation quickly.

We can provide:
  • Competency development
  • A modular approach
  • Work based examples and project work
  • 360-degree feedback and psychometric profiling
  • Action Learning Sets
  • Benchmarks to other organisations
  • Mentoring

Myers-Briggs Type Indicators

We are specialists in the application of MBTi to enhance business performance.   All our psychologists are accredited by OPP Ltd to help train people to become MBTI practitioners and have specialist expertise in the use of MBTI.

  • We can construct events to help your internal MBTI qualified users to develop their practice and experience in the use of MBTI.
  • We can also provide 1:1 support in the ongoing development and use of the MBTI for qualified practitioners, looking to extend their use.
  • We design and run MBTI team events for all occassions and needs.
  • We are able to incorporate the MBTI in to leadership development programmes to enhance self awareness around motivation, leadership style, communication style, and also how to lead change.

Coaching and MBTI Supervision

We are able to offer supervision, and coaching training to coaching practitioners wishing to develop their coaching skills and repertoire.

As qualified business psychologists we have extensive experience in coaching top executives and employees at all levels of an organisation.

In particular, we are able to offer coaching to qualified MBTI users and teams, on how to apply the instrument to their organisation.   We can work in partnership with you to assist in the design of interventions and to support you in the delivery of programmes, enabling you to take intiatives forward independently.

Recruiting the right people

We can provide you with a highly specialised recruitment process.  All our consultants have worked for leading UK test publishers and have trained and accredited people in the use of Psychometric instruments and Assessment Centres.

We can:
  • Define your competency, job and person requirements
  • Advise on the best process and tools for your selection decision
  • Conduct psychometric testing and competency based interviews
  • Produce written reports
  • Design and manage assessment centres
  • Deliver Assessor Training for your staff